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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


India is a developing country .Today India is facing many many problems like unemployment ,poverty ,low wage, and population explore etc .Every student have opportunity to study in India in low cost than abroad.But poor student's are facing lack of the opportunity to study.Indian government gives special scholarship to scheduled cast,tribe ,backward class and handicapped to study.Today's many Indian people are well educated But employment opportunity is too law in India. India's major thread is unemployment. Employs are too high high but employment opportunity is too low
We are living in the modern world. It is speed epoch. People are interested in their needs .they are selfish. They want to make more and more money for their daily needs and to save their future life .They are ready to hard work to fulfill aims in simple method. Modern people are seeing money as a God. And gives importance to money than any relationship.
Globalisation effected our world. Even our county .The became a village.Everyone have right to work in everywhere in this world. We have got right to import every goods and export.Today all are based on profit Evey one aims is also profit.
Developed countries have more money value than developing country.like us. So that people want to work in abroad for collect more and more money.And solving unemployment. If we take a survey based on a Indian village.Then we will can see many villagers are working in abroad. Qualified educated Indians are working abroad INDIA INVENTED MANY MANY THINGS And Indians first rank in many developed fields in world like first rank in milk production,second rank in wheat and rice production.But lack of the well educated person's services India is existing as a developing stage. People cant accept India's today's development.
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